Important features of trading program :

Learning how to use free online charting softwares (chartink, tradingview)

Training sessions will be interactive. Historical and recent charts will be discussed

QnA sessions at the end of each training session. Everything will be discussed except stock tips :p

Will share training and reading materials

Fees – Rs 20,000


1) Philosophy behind Technical Analysis

2) Detailed understanding of Japanese candlesticks and their patterns

3) Dow theory

            Markets discount everything

            Market has three trends

            Major trend has three phases

            Averages must confirm each other

            Volume must confirm the trend

            Trend remains in effect until reversal occurs

4) Moving averages

            Why, How and What kind of moving averages to use

How moving averages can be used to see the trend of any stock or major market index

5) Supports and resistances

How simple support and resistance lines can be used to get entry and exit signals

6) Various technical patterns


            Triangle breakouts/breakdowns

            Double and triple top/bottoms

            Trendline and channels

            Consolidation patterns

            Head and shoulders pattern

How these patterns can be used and in which cases they should be used or not. How these patterns can be used to recognise tops and bottoms (not exact though) in stocks and indices.

7) Major indicators and oscillators

Most of the indicators are useless. Will discuss what indicators to use and avoid.

How indicators can be used to confirm trend and trend reversals

8) How to calculate stop losses and how to trail profits


After learning basics many charts will be discussed and there will be a session on how to use online and offline charting softwares.