What you will discover from this course :

  • Anyone who is willing to work hard and stay disciplined can become a trader even if they have no finance background or no prior stock market experience
  • How stock trading can become full/part time work
  • Few effective trading strategies which will put you to work immediately in few weeks of this course
  • How to accept losses in trading to become a pro trader
  • 6 month backup support on email and whatsapp in case of any queries ( stock market tips are not queries :p)
  • QnA session on end of seminar to clear all your queries


Overview of “Wealth creation through technical analysis” course :


1) Busting myths of technical analysis

  1. Technical analysis is not always intraday or short term trading
  2. Technical analysis can be used to identify long term trends
  3. Technical analysis can be used to create long term wealth without doing short term trading


2) Trend following/Momentum strategies

  1. History of trend following strategy
  2. Why buying stocks on breakouts or new highs is a profitable strategy
  3. Why “buy high and sell higher” is better strategy than “buy low and sell high” for retail investors


3) Chart patterns  of Breakouts

  1. Cup and handle
  2. Triangles
  3. Channel and trendline
  4. Flags and pennants                                                                                                                                                                                                             We will discuss how these patterns can be identified and used for stock selection. Will discuss past and recent examples of these patterns to show you how these patterns work.


4) Moving averages

  1. Understanding different type of moving averages ( simple and exponential)
  2. How moving averages can be used to identify long term bull and bear market trends
  3. Using moving averages to set stop losses and profit targets


5) Understanding momentum indicators

  1. Relative strength index
  2. Stochastics
  3. Moving average convergence divergence (MACD)
  4. Supertrend


6) System trading

  1. What is system trading
  2. How system trading can help you trade with less time and least emotional stress
  3. How to build effective trading systems
  4. How to back test trading systems and check feasibility of strategies


7) Risk management & position sizing

  1. Learn how not to blow up one’s account
  2. Why risk management is much more important than stock selection
  3. Use position sizing formula to determine trade size in accordance with one’s own capital
  4. Interactive session on trading psychology


8) Learn to identify BULL & BEAR market trends in advance


Features of program

  • Interactive workshop and small batch size
  • How to use free charting softwares
  • Backup support for next 6 months
  • Will provide training maerials and trading/investing books
  • Fees - 15,000 INR


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