Important features of trading program :

Learning how to use free online charting softwares (chartink, tradingview)

Training sessions will be interactive. Historical and recent charts will be discussed

QnA sessions at the end of each training session. Everything will be discussed except stock tips :p

Will share training and reading materials

Fees – Rs 30,000


1) Basic Technical Analysis

2) What is System Trading

            There is a difference between trading and gambling. Trading on whims and tips and guts is gamblin whereas buying and selling stocks with some rules based on empirical data is trading. System trading back tests data of stocks and indices of last many years and formulates entry and exit rules ruling out human emotions.

3) Benefits of system trading in indices

            Most liquid instrument for trading

            Least slippages and very less brokerage

            Least chances of indices being manipulated

            Can take overall exposure to market without taking risk of individual scrip

            System in index can go both long and short side thereby taking advantage of both bull and bear markets

4) How to construct a system for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY

5) We will give you few back tested profitable trading systems which will help you get started with your trading career

 6) Trade Analysis