Details of Technical Analysis program :

1) Philosophy behind Technical Analysis

2) Detailed understanding of Japanese candlesticks and their patterns

3) Dow theory

4) Moving averages

            How moving averages can be used to see the trend of any stock

5) Supports and resistances

            How simple support and resistance lines can be used to get entry and exit signals

6) Various technical patterns


            Triangle breakouts/breakdowns

            Double and triple top/bottoms

            Trendline and channels

            Consolidation patterns

            Head and shoulders pattern

7) How to calculate stop losses and how to trail profits


After learning basics many charts will be discussed and there will be a session on how to use online and offline charting softwares.





Long term wealth creating using Price-Volume trading :

1) Overview of technical analysis

2) Busting myths related to trading

            Trading is not gambling

            Trading is not only INTRA DAY as perceived by everyone

            Trading is not very risky if done with proper risk management and      position sizing

3) What is trend following or momentum?

            Evidence of trends in financial markets

            Data driven trend following strategies (long and short)

4) Some indicators to identify trends

            Moving averages




5) System trading

            What is system trading

            How to build systems

            Importance of back testing trading strategies

            How to do back testing of strategies

6) Risk management and position sizing

            How not to blow up one’s trading account

            How much to trade after considering one’s trading capital